The Final Destination 4

After three years, The Final Destination is again back, and this time 3D! With more deaths, more accidents and less mercy. If you already watched the movie, then  read the all article, if not then just went down and just read the comments on film, cause i will tell a little bit about the script.

Final Destination 4

Two friends, Nick O'Bannon (Bobby Campo) and Hunt Wynorski (Nicky Zano) go to McKinley Speedway to watch a car race with their girlfriends Lori Milligan (Shantel VanSanten) and Janet Cunningham (Haley Webb). During the race, at pit stop, a silver car pulls up and as the crew is filling it up, one guy leaves a sharp tool in a hole in the back of the car. One of the crew yells ,"Go! Go!" when everybody else isn't done, but the car speeds off. The tool in the back of the car drops onto the track shortly after. After a lap, a black car with flames printed on the sides runs over the tool, bursting one of the tires. The car soon starts doing cartwheels, sending two of the tires flying. Everyone in the stands jumps to their feet in eagerness as one the tires flies and hits a girl who came with her boyfriend to watch the race, in the head, decapitating her. Then starts lots of accidents, fires, explosions. Everybody who sees this tries to escape and runs to the exit. But sure, nobody can escape from death, everybody dies in the stands.

Nick sees what is waiting for them
Nick and his friends watching the car race

Do all really die in the stands? Sure no, this is a Final Destination movie! Our guy Nick O'Bannon sees what is waiting for them, so he warns his friends telling that there will be a big accident there, but sure none of his friends believe him. All of a sudden an arguement starts between Nick and a guy sitting in front of them, things get worse and lots of people get into this arguement so they all go outside. At outside everybody asks him what his problem his, Nick says there will be something wrong inside, again nobody believes him, until they hear the sound of an explosion and the screams of people.

The Final Destination 4
                      Lori tries to save Janet

Next? A cliche...Whoever Nick saved that day starts to die one by one. Nick and his girlfriend Lori try to save them but of course it doesnt help, like it never helped before in a Final Destination movie.

The Final Destination:waste of time

If you ask my opinion, this movie is not as good as you expect. First of all, the movie is too short, there are so less dialogues. The story and the way how people die is totally same with the other Final Destination movies. In 80 minutes more than 10 people die cause of silly accidents, so you can be sure you will watch a movie without a story and dialogues, which in every 7-8 minutes someone dies.

The Final Destination 4

The only difference is, this movie is 3D unlike the older Final Destination movies, and i think Director knew the lack of dialogues and story, so he could only use this ''3D'' event to advert this movie. You can understand this with just reading the taglines of the movie: On August 28th  prepare for the 3D thrill ride everyone's dying to see, Death Saved The Best For 3D, On August 28th  Death enters a new dimension: 3D, August 28th  3D event  No mercy-No escape-No limits...There are only a few taglines for the movie without mentioning this 3D event.

Haley Webb as Janet
Janet repents cause she wanted to wash her car

Sure hard to find taglines for a movie which comes up with nothing new. Like ''Rest in Piece'', but i couldnt rest in peace after i watched the movie, cause i wasted 80 minutes of my life for a meaningless movie (only 5.4 rating from IMBD). Maybe its fans will like it, but i didnt. When you watch the trailer you think it is a cool movie (cause i thought too), but no, trailer is cooler than the movie itself...

The Final Destination 4 Trailer





Group 1:
Hungary 1-2 Sweden
Denmark 1-1 Portugal

Group 2:
Israel 0-1 Latvia
Switzerland 2-0 Greece

Group 3:
Poland 1-1 N.Ireland
Slovakia 2-2 Czech Republic

Group 5:
Turkey 4-2 Estonia
Spain 5-0 Belgium

Group 6:
Croatia 1-0 Belarus

Group 7:
Austria 3-1 Faroe Isl.
France 1-1 Romania

Group 8:
Bulgaria 4-1 Montenegro
Georgia 0-2 Italy
Cyprus 1-2 Ireland Rep.

Group 9:
Iceland 1-1 Norway

South America

Colombia 2 - 0 Ecuador

Peru 1 - 0 Uruguay

Paraguay 1 - 0 Bolivia

Argentina 1 - 3 Brazil

Chile 2 - 2 Venezuela

David Villa scores 2, Spain hammers Belgium

Most comfortable win was achieved by Spain yesterday, winning 5-0 against Belgium. Valencia players David Silva and David Villa helped their team with their goals and assists. Man of the match David Villa scored 2 goals and made two assists. His team-mate Silva also scored 2 goals. The other goal is scored by Barcelona defender Pique. Spain's next match is against Estonia on 09.09.2009

You can watch the goals and read more about Spain-Belgium match here: